5G around airports and compromised safety.

FAA: More on 5G and flights. Jan. 19, 22

The agency issued its first major update since AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. began using new frequency bands for fast 5G mobile phone service in dozens of metropolitan regions around the U.S. The radio waves are close to those used by aircraft radar altimeters and the FAA has said there is a risk that they could cause interference.

“Even with these approvals, flights at some airports may still be affected,” the FAA said in the statement.

The expansion occurred because three additional models of altimeters were found to be resistant to interference from 5G, the FAA said. It had earlier cleared two altimeter models.

“The FAA also continues to work with manufacturers to understand how radar altimeter data is used in other flight control systems,” the agency said. “Passengers should check with their airlines for latest flight schedules.”

Absent from the list of cleared aircraft are any of the regional jet models that perform roughly half of all scheduled airline flights.

Ed[what about General Aviation (private) and helicopter operations that operate off airport?]


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