GMO advocacy

We have a blog authored by our member Leila Baroody that gives information on the negative implications of GMO not only to humans, but to the environment and the wildlife as well. Please click this link to access the blog:

From the blog: There are other significant root issues that have been contributing to the potential for new problems to crop up— factory farming of animals cramming livestock into unhealthy crowded places, fostering the thriving of deadly pathogens; hydrocarbon fracking which uses, pollutes, and wastes vast amounts of pristine drinking water; genetically engineered food crops (the majority of which have required bacteria to “infect” a cell to allow new genetic traits to be received by a cell and viruses to serve as a viral promoters of cell growth once the new genetic trait is inserted).  Notably, there are significant benefits in crop diversity and rotation of which many farmers are aware.  The use of chemical weed killers is a short-cut fix with adverse longer term problems like weed resistance and killing off valuable soil bacteria and pollinators such as birds, bees, butterflies, plus toxic Glyphosate/chemical wastes.

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