Cell phones and Dental Implants

How do EMF’s affect dental health, and should we be concerned?  In my experience the answer is yes.  If you have titanium dental implants, cell phones placed up to your ear on the side of the implant has been shown to raise the temperature of the implant.  Even a couple of degrees can make a difference, as anyone who’s ever had a fever can attest to.  What happens with a temperature increase is that cytokine proteins signal immune cells to the area, causing inflammation.  Inflammation begins a cascade of events that could lead to gum disease around a metal implant, also known as peri-implantitis.  Zirconia implants don’t have this issue as they don’t conduct heat nearly as much.

The second reason you should be concerned is if you have bleeding gums or gum disease.  Bacteria have been shown to reproduce up to 6 times faster when exposed to electrical fields.  This can accelerate the advancement of gum disease, in my opinion.  In cases where I have seen extreme bacterial activity, I ask the patient if they use cell phones often, and whether they use the phone right next to their head. The answer to both questions is usually ‘Yes’.



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