The Scientific Alliance for Education

The Scientific Alliance for Education (S.A.F.E.) is a non-profit organization founded in 1995. Our focus is educating the public on health issues that may or may not be public knowledge, and providing information that allows individuals to make educated decisions for a course of action.

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Current Projects:

  • Outreach on dangers of 5G to the environment, humans, and insects. ( For towns: upload this guide to present to your selectmen to incorporate into your bylaws to regulate 5G: 5Gmunicipal code oct 21)
  • Educating residents about the health hazards of smart meters. See our blog 
  • Educating teachers about Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS) and the biological and psychological effects on children. We plan to fund-raise for screen covers that mitigate the blue light (affects eyes and the brain) coming from computer screens and donate to schools in Massachusetts.
  • Publishing a newsletter updating this information that can be distributed electronically or through the post for folks who are affected by computers. This will establish a support system for individuals and their families to access the latest treatment and low-EMF facilities.
  • We also are targeting the issue of Wi-fi in schools and are developing a program to inform school boards and parents about the potential hazards of EMFs on children’s health and cognitive performance.
  • Creating awareness programs for the health effects of fluoride and over-vaccination
  • GMO educational blog we maintain:
  • Education the public about 5G and its effects on humans, bees, trees and animals.

Past Projects:

  1. Connecticut town-wide installation of carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Distribution of books on Attention Deficit Disorder to Florida low-income communities
  3. Offering free information to Connecticut residents on lead paint hazards
  4. Local projects to raise money for economically challenged individuals seeking alternative health care
  5. Distribution of pamphlets on indoor air pollution to local schools
  6. Advocacy and outreach in Connecticut GMO labeling efforts (see link under Safe Blogs)
  7. Outreach in creating awareness of potential smart meter hazards in Massachusetts (see link under Safe Blogs)

The Scientific Alliance for Education is supported by sponsors, grants, and supporters through contributions. We are a tax deductible 501(c)3 corporation.