SAFE Officers

The Scientific Alliance for Education 501C3 non profit. Sheffield, MA 413-229-9042


Nina Anderson,  President

ninanewpix2Nina is a retired corporate pilot who has also worked in the not-for-profit field for several organizations. She was the Director of Development for the Courageous Challenge for the America’s Cup in the mid-1980s, was founder of the Council for Disabled Sailors which became the National Ocean Access Project and was the US Development Director for the Jubilee Sailing Trust, an able-bodied and disabled marine experience in the United Kingdom. She is the founder and President of The Scientific Alliance for Education. She has written 18 books on natural health including Your Health and Your House and has been active in education about smart meter risks, hosting a blog No Mass Smart Meters and working to encourage town residents to effect a moratorium on the smart meter in Sheffield. She holds certifications as a Neurolinguistic Programmer, Lay Hypnotist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Reiki II practitioner and is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot. She is an avid skier, sailor and aviator.


Patricia Burke,  Vice-President/Research and Education Director


Patricia Burke holds a degree in Human Ecology from Cornell University. She works with activists across the country calling for biologically accurate and relevant radio frequency exposure limits for wireless technologies. She was injured by smart utility meter deployment in Northern California in 2009, and is especially interested in advocating for the medical community to accurately diagnose and treat EHS individuals.  She trained in several lineages of yoga, specializing in meridian yoga.  Her background in Chinese Medicine and her experience as a lightning strike survivor provide her with a unique framework to understand how artificial microwaves interfere with human health and the environment. She is a prolific writer, and has published several groundbreaking articles based on Chinese Medicine theory that explain how microwave radio frequencies impact the yin and yang organ systems.

Phillip Adriance, Financial Officer

philcropPhillip Adriance has been a supporter of S.A.F.E. for many years volunteering his time to keep our accounting records. His career has ben in engineering for General Electric and the Crane Company. As an entrepreneur, Phil has owned a video store and currently is co-owner of Ski Fanatics a successful ski shop in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  He has worked for several non-profits providing accounting services. He has worked in education for local school districts and has been a ski instructor and ski team coach. He is an avid aviator and sailor.



One thought on “SAFE Officers

  1. I’m not sure where to leave this, but here is my story:

    My first symptoms were fatigue and poor neurological clarity in the late 1980’s, living in Lexington, MA in a lovely colonial near the center of town. I had 4 children and worked part time as a teacher of blind and visually impaired children. I became disabled by chemical sensitivity and then electrically sensitivity in the 1990’s. My house had very high EMFs as a result of stray electricity coming into the house on the water pipes (from a neighbor’s poorly grounded electrical system.

    I had to relocate to more rural areas to stop progress of the neurological impairment. I lost my house, my career, my ability to do even the simple things like shop with my daughters a prom dress or for a first bra. I lost my ability to go to friend’s houses or church or stores and eventually had to move and leave my children behind. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I lost nearly everything in life that mattered to me.

    I learned I had both mercury and lead toxicity, probably as a result of having mercury and other metals in my teeth and living in high EMFs. I learned that EMFs and microwaves mobilize mercury, and that having mixed metals in the mouth also mobilizes mercury. I took chelators to remove the mercury and lead and got my life back, but developed migraine headaches from the chelators, probably because I had traces of mercury left in my teeth. There’s been a lot to learn.
    Jan Johnson


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