EMF Protectors

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Transparent Electric Field Shielding.
Great for Laptops, Desktop Screens and TVs!

Want shielding you can see through? Using our 40 dB VeilShield fabric for great RF and 100% E-field shielding, these framed shields can be custom made in any size up to 16″ x 28″. Highly transparent. Can help reduce sensitivity to electric fields. Frame is 3/4 inch wide, 1/4 inch thick. Includes 6 foot ground cord. Attaches to your display with adhesive hook and loop (included) Note: If you cover a touch screen, you cannot use the “touch” feature. Some Moiré pattern is inevitable, so not recommended for high resolution work. These will shield electric field and radiofrequency emitted by the monitor. They do not reduce glare or blue light.

These are custom made to order. No returns. Up to 16 x 28 inches (ships completely assembled). The frame is dark brown. You must specify width and height (outer dimensions including frame). Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield (Cat. #A732)  $199.95 Click to purchase.
Specify outer dimensions of the frame, in inches (example: 13-1/8 x 8-3/4):


A reliable meter with an economy price. Great for checking radiowaves from smart meters, wi-fi, cellphones and towers, and just about every RF source you are likely to encounter at home or in the office. Covers an amazing 200 – 8000 MHz with ±6dB accuracy. 8 LED light bar indicates field strength in V/m so it is very easy to interpret and has a very fast reaction time. Best of all, it has a dual sound feature which you can turn off if you want: Demodulated sounds allow you to hear intensity, and with a small amount of practice, you can determine what type of device is creating the microwave signal. Plus, an “alarm” sounder which emits a pulsing warning at higher exposure levels.

Acousticom2 $200 Cat. #A140 Click to purchase.

shieldkitSmart Meter Interior Shield Kit

This kit allows you to set up an effective shield for the EMFs put out by the smart meter. It covers and area of 8×7 feet and includes an RF reflector, an absorber material, mounting tape and ground cord. With all of these layers, very little radiation can get through and this is easily demonstrated with readings form a proper RF meter. Instructions are included that show you how to attach it to the interior of the wall on which the smart meter is mounted. You can cover it with any decorative finish you like.
Smart Meter Shield Kit (Cat #1219) $349.95 Click to purchase.

smartcoverEcon Ext Smart Meter Shield Kit

The Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit gives you material that can be cut with a sissor for installation. It is corrosion-immune, and made from a soft stainless steel mesh that is wrapped around the glass part of the smart meter and is held in place by weather resistant, adhesive Velcro®-type hook and loop.
Econ Ext Smart Meter Shield Kit (Cat. #A-208) $19.95 Click to purchase.


Ultra Low EMF Phone Kit

From the picture you can see that this is a normal desktop or wall mount corded telephone (no microwaves)and is combined with a special ultra low EMF headset. You get all the benefits of a normal telephone without putting yourself close to the strong magnetic fields associated with the handset, speakerphone, or telephone base.
Ultra Low EMF Phone Kit (Part. #A725) $99.95 Click to purchase.

Computer EMF eye glasses

These are truly remarkable! Reasonably stylish eyeglasses that offer radiofrequency shielding. Metal mesh shielding alloy forms the lenses, permitting wide view visibility for driving, working, or relaxing (not for fine work). Can fit over most normal eyeglasses. They will never fog or smudge. Durable black plastic frames complete the design. Simple effective. Give your eyes the rest they need. Another first from LessEMF!

$18.95  Cat. #A254 Click to purchase


EMF Protective Clothing

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Slips, Leggings, briefs, pants, etc.

Pricing varies Click to purchase.

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