5G safe zone around airports to prevent crashes

The FAA on January 13 published 1,478 notices to air missions (notams) related to pending activation of 5G C-band wireless base stations with far-reaching implications for air travel, including emergency medical transportation. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2022/january/13/faa-publishes-long-expected-5g-c-band-notams

The central issue remains potential interference with radar altimeters, which have for decades operated on frequencies near the C-band and are installed in thousands of aircraft, including commercial airliners, some business jets, and many helicopters flying patients to hospitals surrounded by 5G antennas.

In that last category, helicopters used for emergency medical transportation and flown under Part 135 have been required to have radar altimeters installed since 2017, pursuant to a final rule published by the FAA in 2014. That rule mandated a package of safety requirements and updates, including increased weather minimums that apply to Part 91 helicopter operations.

If 5G can affect airplane electronics what can it do to the brain of pilot’s. So if they find a shield for the radar altimeters will we then see a rash of landing errors by pilot’s whose brains may be affected by these rogue frequencies?


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