Wireless Tech Safety




Direct link to the website: https://www.ma4safetech.org/

Today’s wireless technology uses two-way microwave radiofrequency radiation to send signals and our data back and forth. It was brought to market with no biological safety testing, and the science now shows it is very harmful to children, adults, pets, pollinators and all flora and fauna. 

Many today are experiencing symptoms of microwave sickness including insomnia, heart irregularities, headaches, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, dizziness, anxiety, depression, anger, cognitive impairment, fatigue and more.

In the long-term, wireless radiation is shown in the independent scientific literature to cause cancers, DNA damage, infertility and is linked to neurotoxicity including autism, ADD/ADHD, and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Fortunately, with a little education we discover there is much we can do to reduce our own exposures and have even faster, more reliable internet connections. There are also steps we can take in our community to ensure our town’s wireless communication facilities zoning code protects us from close-range cell towers and 5G small cells.

See Massachusetts for Safe Technology for additional information and free educational webinars you can attend to learn more and ask questions. You’ll also find resources to start the conversation to protect your community and schools. Please click here for our web page and to join us