5G and the town of Sheffield, MA

We are currently working with the Selectmen in the town of Sheffield MA to educate and develop a plan to insure the 5G units placed on telephone poles will not harm people or the environment. We are working with other non-profits in MA who have bills before Congress to regulate the towns rights to decide upon the infrastructure rather than being overruled by telecom providers. We have a program of outreach to educate the residents, including farmers who would see their bee populations affected should 5G be placed throughout the area. Our petition passed to the next level and it is a warrant for the May 1, 2023 town meeting. We need a majority vote to pass.

We have an Acoustimeter in our Sheffield, Massachusetts office. This unit determines if your microwave oven is safe or if you have electronics that are affecting your health. The unit can also measure electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, TVs, electric/gas meters to find areas that may be affecting people who are sensitive to EMFs. This program will be expanded to more meters that would be available on loan out as we get further funding.

We have one meter in Berkshire County if you have a need to have your school, workplace or home tested. Please call us 888-217-7233. A $100 donation would be requested for our time to come to your location.

The idea of a “Bucket Brigade” to provide citizen science to inform policy has been successfully used in communities to quantify particle air pollution and other environmental hazards. Our non-profit, The Scientific Alliance for Education has helped get carbon monoxide detectors into the homes of residents in whole towns. We also provided healthy house inspections and through that became aware of the health hazard of microwave leakage.

Please watch this 33 minute presentation to the Ashland MA Board of Health appealing for consideration in alternatives to EMF technology in schools.

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Microwave leakage is serious enough that the FDA sets strict limits on it for the manufacturers. But once door seals age, leaking tends to exceed those limits, often targeting the level of your head  and especially your eyes. The microwave energy inside a microwave oven is massive! Frequency inside your microwave 2.45 BILLION hertz. Frequency shown to start harming the human body: over 10 hertz. If leakage occurs it’s a given that it will affect the body! Some have said you need to be 6 feet away from all operating microwaves. And, never look at the food because your eyes can be damaged. And the electromagnetic frequencies that come from this appliance can affect some individuals as well.

We want to reach out to individuals, schools and workplaces by providing the loan of a meter that detects this radiation leakage.  Our initial goal is to provide one RF meter for Western MA and one for Eastern MA, The meters would be shared through the a network of activists as a first step.

As more individuals in communities become interested, hopefully the network of meters will also grow so that we have them readily available across the state.  We can travel to talk to interested groups, possibly showing a film, to support this initiative if a point person in the community can make the necessary arrangements and do the promotion.

We will also be conducting outreach to certain targeted classes of health care providers to suggest that they offer the meters for use by their patients.
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