5G videos on town advocacy

Interview on WSBS Great Barrington about the 5G warrants for Sheffield and Great Barrington, MA March 2023


Warrants to vote at Sheffield MA and Great Barrington MA town meetings 2023

(Citizen’s Petition) For the reasons set forth above and notwithstanding any other provision of the Town of Sheffield General By-Laws to the contrary, To see if the Town will vote under the General Bylaws Chapter 216: Wireless Regulations, to adopt a Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) application requirement for completeness: WTF applications, will be considered incomplete until the FCC completes the DC Circuit court-mandated Environmental Review of the entire 800,000 to 1 million WTF roll out to the conditions as stated in the NEPA Policy Act 19691 including studies from scientists independent from industry, who have fully investigated millimeter wave 5G small cell technology safety; and that the FCC regulations have been updated to include measures that comply with the results of this review; and, that the Town of Sheffield shall consider reasonable alternatives such as fiber optic.

This warrant and similar wording ask that towns not entertain applications from Telecom for 5G installations until the FCC reviews the 2021 court-mandated review of the 11000 page of harm submitted to them regarding the technology and deems it safe.

We have a choice to smoke, take recreational drugs, walk in front of a moving car or other hazardous choices, but with 5G we will not have a choice. You can turn off your wireless device if you don’t want to be exposed to frequencies but with 5G transmitters every 500′ you won’t be able to escape.” [SAFE comment}