Personal Stories

Patricia Burke 1aI’m Patricia Burke, and I’ve been disabled by electromagnetically hypersensitivity since 2009. As an EHS affected person, I am unable to access protected housing, employment, education, spiritual and social gatherings, public transportation, and health care.  I have missed weddings, wakes, funerals, christenings, graduations, my son’s PhD celebration, and countless family and community gatherings, due to the presence of microwave towers or antennas and the use of personal wireless devices by others.  I have moved 20 times in 7 years at significant cost and loss. To read my story Click Here

My name is Alison Heath. When I moved into my new condo I developed wierd symptoms. My first was a constrictive pain around my chest that felt like a vice being tightened relentlessly around my heart. Then for the first time in decades I experienced headaches. These sharp piercing headaches became so strong that my scalp was tender to my touch. I began to lose my balance and lurch around my condo as if drunk. New wrinkles appeared each morning and I was rapidly aging from the inside out. The next symptom I noticed was my inability to use my brain. I’d look at my laptop and be at a loss, unable to remember any of my passwords.   To read my story Click Here

My name is Jan Johnson.   I lost my house, my career, my ability to do even the simple things like shop with my daughters a prom dress or for a first bra. I lost my ability to go to friend’s houses or church or stores and eventually had to move and leave my children behind. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I lost nearly everything in life that mattered to me. To read my story Click Here

My name is Dave Watkins. I think a big part of my EMF sensitivity is from 35 years of working around very intense electromagnetic fields at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in ground communications here in Florida. Most especially after about 1980 when a lot of computers were installed everywhere out there. I have found that digital electronics are far worse for making people EMF sensitive than are the old analog fields. Presently I cannot go on long trips because I cannot stay in motels because of chemicals used to clean the rooms and chemicals used in washing blankets and sheets such as scented detergents and fabric softeners, etc. To read my story Click Here

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