Alison’s Story

My name is Alison Heath. I’ve dedicated over 25 years of my adult life as The Longevity Rescuer, informing physicians of the latest research in superfoods and conducting integrative health coaching sessions with thousands of people. It was a complete shock when my own health began to rapidly deteriorate. In November when I moved into a shiny new condo that was separated from the other condos by an electrical storage room. This modern building had all the amenities imaginable and was wired throughout the building for modem hookups in each condo. My only phone was my cell phone, and I was conducting online video interviews for my Your Vibrant Health Secrets health summits using my laptops for hours daily. Using a computer extensively wasn’t unusual for me. One of my degrees 30 years ago was in computer science, and I’d worked in the field intermittently for many years.

Now in my new condo I was surrounded by WiFi, cell towers, and dirty electricity from the electrical storage room. It tipped my already burdened body over the edge. My first symptom was a constrictive pain around my chest that felt like a vice being tightened relentlessly around my heart. Then for the first time in decades I experienced headaches. These sharp piercing headaches became so strong that my scalp was tender to my touch. I would awaken thinking there was a thunderstorm, but it was my heart pounding in my neck and head. When I counted my rapid pulse it was over 85 beats a minute instead of my usual resting rate of 58 beats a minute. I had never experienced tachycardia, a racing heartbeat, before. I began to lose my balance and lurch around my condo as if drunk. After crashing into the foot board of the bed multiple times I’m now left with a permanent indent on my thigh. When I looked in the mirror daily my face was crumbling. New wrinkles appeared each morning and I was rapidly aging from the inside out. The next symptom I noticed was my inability to use my brain. I’d look at my laptop and be at a loss, unable to remember any of my passwords. I’d stare at my email account wondering how to send a simple email. After years of designing computer systems, I found this very odd. I questioned whether I was having a stroke or a heart attack. I am accustomed to vibrant health and immediately recognized my dramatic decline was abnormal.

Fortunately I discovered the cause fairly quickly when I met a woman in an organic food coop. I invited her to my upcoming “Youthing” workshop. She said. “Oh no, I can’t go into your building. It’s too dirty!” I was surprised as it was a new luxury condo building and very clean. She further explained it was the dirty electricity and WiFi exposure she couldn’t tolerate. Immediately I was curious and begged her to come and speak to us for 10 minutes.  She agreed to come only for 10 minutes and share her story. It was a story that opened my eyes. Listening to her symptoms I was able to connect the dots and discover that my condo may be making me ill! I needed proof. My symptoms steadily worsened and when I measured the level of EMR in my condo it was extremely high, often maxing out the meter.  I was forced to move from my lovely new condo, suffering only five months and one week of heavy exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). I immediately practiced avoidance, read everything I could on the subject and began interviewing 18 scientists, researchers, authors, microwave weapons experts, etc. and created an EMF summit to share information on this critical and ever-growing health threat. The series of 18 interviews can be found here:

I have moved out of town, shielded my unit. That required a doctor’s letter as the building declined my request to screen my balcony from the WiFi. I purchased shielded clothing, a BEMER classic pro PEMF device, essential oils and Shungite. I eat radiation absorbing superfoods and exercise regularly. Following these protective measures my health has improved. I’ve rearranged my lifestyle and my career and live a quieter and more isolated life.


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