Dave’s Story

I was apprised of your site on the internet and this contact address in your goal to maybe create safe havens for EMF sensitive people. I sincerely hope this can come to pass, but at my age it will most likely be too late for me personally, but at least others to come after me that are younger may not have to go through as much as what I have had to.

I think a big part of my EMF sensitivity is from 35 years of working around very intense electromagnetic fields at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in ground communications here in Florida. Most especially after about 1980 when a lot of computers were installed everywhere out there. I have found that digital electronics are far worse for making people EMF sensitive than are the old analog fields. Presently I cannot go on long trips because I cannot stay in motels because of chemicals used to clean the rooms and chemicals used in washing blankets and sheets such as scented detergents and fabric softeners, etc. Also in most  motels you get rooms with televisions, wi-fi, and even small electrical substations right on the other side of bedroom walls, along with some walls fronting on drink machines and icemakers. All of these put out strong EM Fields. I had a camper van that I used for a couple of trips, but it is now ruined because the area where I live here in Florida is full of mold, and now even though my van doesn’t leak, it’s now full of mold and makes me sick to sleep in it.

The other problem with travel is that after about a hundred miles or so of driving under high tension power lines either across the highway at intervals of parallel to it, my EMF sensitivity gets far worse with severe sharp pains in my head when next to or driving under these lines. The more exposure there is, the worse it gets, so that I eventually have to get off the highway and stay some where to recuperate. Then when I get back on the highway it starts all over again. So as a consequence I am confined mostly to this area where I live and cannot travel any more than about 75 miles from home. To make matters even worse, eating out in restaurants with allergies to all foods and on a strict rotation diet becomes a near impossibility when traveling unless I eat only pre-packaged junk from convenience stores that I know the exact ingredients of. (Believe it or not that is safer than restaurants in most cases, but of course maybe not as nutritious.

Dave Watkins, Florida.



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