Bill to restrict lawsuits from 5G health issues

Resolution 7236) would severely limit liability of
telecom corporations for injury caused by exposure
to radiation emitted by telecom equipment if the
corporation complies with FCC-determined RFR

Tell Congress to vote NO on HR 7236.

To find your Representative

To find your Senator:

7 thoughts on “Bill to restrict lawsuits from 5G health issues

  1. Stop 5g. My step son has to live in his CAR in the DESERT because of the radiation. This is a crime and should be stopped NOW.


  2. My father Andrew Johnson electrical engineer and inventor of 202 base stations implemented as foundational digital packet switching router for gsm cdma networks globally died at 37 after 3 bouts of cancer 2001 from there the investors in his patents have illegally signed authority over upgrades and eme emf safty reports in my deceased fathers name


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