I am reaching out to request help in finding people suffering from Electrosensitivity aka Microwave Sickness or cancer who would be willing to provide testimony to use with public officials in Washington DC.

We are working in DC regarding wireless radiation health effects especially as they pertain to the roll out of 5G. See video for more information regarding the work we do.

5G Wireless Radiation Dangers YouTube
Our goal is to have testimonials from every state to show that health effect from wireless radiation is a serious problem nationwide. I have attached a quick format to follow in preparing testimonials. If you are wiling to provide testimony or know of anyone else who would be willing to help please forward this email.

Thank you very much,

Kevin Mottus

CA Brain Tumor Association

Testimony of:

Length of Testimony: 1-2 pages is fine but one tight page is even better in simple format.

Who are you? Where you are from – include your name, address, State, telephone and email. Include facts about you to show you are normal and credible (for example I am a mom of 3, PTA President, Attorney etc…)
How your sickness began? How did you make the connection between the symptoms you were experiencing and wireless radiation. How has Cancer and or EHS/microwave sickness affected your life and health? List your symptoms specificallyand the specific wireless source. Use the term microwave sickness as well as EHS because that is what it is-we are being microwave radiated. EHS is the industry term used to marginalize the issue.
Then most importantly-What will the implementation of 5G with its cell transmitters every 2-10 homes emitting ultra high frequency wireless (24 GHz to 90 GHz) continuously mean to you, your health, functioning and life?
Stay focused on Cancer and or EHS/Microwave sickness for this testimonial because this is what we are advocating for in these short meetings. Please leave out multiple chemical sensitivity for now. Please refrain from talking about mental health issues or mental health treatment because the industry likes to marginalize and dismiss electrosensitivity as a mental health issue rather than the medical condition that it is. We do not want to make it easy for them to marginalize or dismiss us.

Please email these testimonials to Brenda If you can sign the testimonial, scan it and email it to us that is even better. If you cannot scan it then email it back with your name and address without the signature.
Thank you for helping us to get you the protection you deserve. Kevin

Jan’s Story

My first symptoms were fatigue and poor neurological clarity in the late 1980’s, living in Massachusetts in a lovely colonial near the center of town. I had 4 children and worked part-time as a teacher of blind and visually impaired children.  I became disabled by chemical sensitivity and then electrically sensitivity in the 1990’s. My house had very high EMFs as a result of stray electricity coming into the house on the water pipes (from a neighbor’s poorly grounded electrical system.

I had to relocate to more rural areas to stop progress of the neurological impairment.  I lost my house, my career, my ability to do even the simple things like shop with my daughters a prom dress or for a first bra. I lost my ability to go to friend’s houses or church or stores and eventually had to move and leave my children behind. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I lost nearly everything in life that mattered to me.

I learned I had both mercury and lead toxicity, probably as a result of having mercury and other metals in my teeth and living in high EMFs. I learned that EMFs and microwaves mobilize mercury, and that having mixed metals in the mouth also mobilizes mercury.  I took chelators to remove the mercury and lead and got my life back, but developed migraine headaches from the chelators, probably because I had traces of mercury left in my teeth. There’s been a lot to learn.
-Jan Johnson, MA