How to avoid auto EMFs

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Most people do not seem to be affected by the electromagnetic radiation in cars.  Some have minor symptoms, while a few are strongly affected.

The following is a list of features that will help lower the radiation inside a car.  You will still need to measure and try the car to know if it will work for you.  Sometimes you’ll need to do further modifications.

  • No smart key (or “keyless entry”)
  • No electric car
  • No hybrid car
  • Minimal electronic gadgets
  • Older vehicle
  • Larger vehicle
  • Basic vehicle (not luxury)
  • No wireless tire pressure monitors
  • Battery located away from driver (and not in the back)
  • Alternator located away from driver
  • Fuse box located away from driver
  • Ignition coil located away from driver
  • No anti-lock brakes
  • No transverse mounted engine
  • Carburetor or mechanical fuel injectors
  • Manual or non-electric automatic transmission
  • Diesel engine

Very few vehicles will have all of the listed features and they may not all be needed.  The most important features to avoid are probably:

  • Smart key / keyless entry / intelligent key
  • Electric vehicle
  • Hybrid vehicle

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