World expert explains link between EMF and human disease

In Ireland, at present, all references – including the Department of the Environment and the Irish Cancer Society – are to ICNIRP guidelines which are 1,000 times higher and for a short duration only.Nowhere is their reference to the BioInitiative recommendation or to long-term exposure. In a mere six years half of us will become electromagnetically sensitive. A prediction by Salzburg’s Dr. Gerd Oberfeld who addressed the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) April 9, parallels the prediction by the Royal College of Physicians last year which predicted that half the Irish population will have “some form of cancer” by the year 2025. Oberfeld is credited with the policy implemented the city of Salzburg which has maintained the city as having the lowest electromagnetic radiation levels in Europe. Dr. Oberfeld has practiced environmental medicine with the Office of the Provincial Government of Salzburg provincial Health Directorate, Department of Health and Hygiene and Environmental Medicine since 1992 and speaker for the Austrian Medical Assn. on health issues since 1994.
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