Confronting the Health Risks of Smart Meters

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The ubiquitous installation of smart meters raises serious legal and policy concerns over false claims, RFR/EMF exposure, privacy, surveillance, hacking, national security, disability, consumer choice, energy inefficiency, and fire. This webinar will assess the public’s legal rights and remedies and offer a balanced path forward for policy makers

Doug Wood is the co-creator of the TechSafe Schools Program and founder of Americans for Responsible Technology.

Julian Gresser, international attorney, professional negotiator, inventor, and former Professor at Harvard Law School is a principal at the law firm of Swankin and Turner and co-founder of the Broadband International Legal Action Network (BBILAN).

Joshua Hart is Director of, an advocacy, media outreach, and direct action network providing activism consultation and advice to groups who are fighting the wireless ‘smart’ meter assault.

Nina Beety is an investigative writer and public advocate on the environment and wireless radiation hazards, working for policy changes, and a disability rights advocate. Her reports for public officials on Smart/AMI meters are on her website She lives in California.

Eric Windheim is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, and Radio Frequency Safety Officer based in Sacramento, CA.

Jennifer Andree is a wife, mother, nurse, veteran, and a victim of Smart Meter radiation exposure.

2021-Nov-17 Confronting the Health Risks of Smart Meters — Broadband International Legal Action Network (


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