Boston bill on removing fluoride hearing Dec. 11

We recently found out that there is a one line item on the agenda of the state Public Health Committee to ban fluoridation in Massachusetts. This is an orphan bill, no one is sponsoring it but some MA resident who no one knows and who has an unlisted number was able to evoke his citizen’s right to file it over a year ago. No one knew this was coming up. The Dept of Health will show up to defend the bill and the Public Health Committee probably expects to dismiss it out of hand – but, I’ve already contacted them with written testimony in support of the bill and got other written testimony submitted as well.

  • What is needed is MA resident testimony on Monday Dec. 11 at the Boston State House. The committee is meeting between 1-5 PM in Room A-2. I’m going with my prepared 3 minute speech. Can you come and speak in favor of S 1226, too, please?

Although it would be nice to convince them to evoke their police powers to ban fluoridation on the spot, a more realistic goal would be to just not have them dismiss the bill and keep it alive for further study and advancement to the full legislature. That could result in banning fluoridation in 2018.


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